What do we mean by cloud storage?
Cloud storage is just another name for online data backup. The phrase was coined because you can’t physically touch the location of your backed up data, like you would be able to if it were stored on hard disks, CDs or other removable devices.
why do we need one in the first place?
Files stored on computers, hard drives or pen drives are liable to be accidently deleted, damaged or stolen. They may also be lost due to a memory crash. This can occur at any time, to any of us. By doing an online backup of your files, you can store them safely offsite. That way, if something happens to your primary copy of any data, you always have another copy to replace it.
How much is a GB in terms of amount of space?
In computing terms, 1 GB roughly corresponds to about one billion bytes or about 1000 Megabytes. That’s equivalent to about 200 mp3 music files or about 400 pictures of medium size. Most online backup services offer their storage space in terms of GBs. Some even offer unlimited storage for a monthly fee.
Why do hard drives crash in the first place?
In a recent survey by Google, it was found that one in every twelve hard drives fails within two years of purchase. This means a hard drive crash can really occur to any one of us, and is why one needs to employ the services of an online backup service to safeguard data.
What about the security of the files being backed up?
Online data backup services usually employ the same
What is meant by online backup of files?
This is the process of storing a copy of your files on remote servers. This becomes possible when you use a backup service through the internet. All of your important data, be it documents, pictures, music or anything else in digital format, remains safe and secure in that remote location.