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How do Websites Work?

The Internet has quickly evolved into an integral part of the modern lifestyle. It is no longer some fringe entity that exists outside of everyday life, as it is utilized for just about everything. The Internet is used to communicate, to entertain and to inform and at the heart of all of this are the various websites that make up the world wide web. How is it, then, that when you enter a web address into a browser on your computer, you are able to fetch exactly the page that you desire?

SEO and Internet Marketing for Websites

Especially if you're doing it for business purposes, there isn't much of a point in having a website that no one is going to visit. Even if you are just a casual blogger, there is an inherent sense of satisfaction knowing that your words are being read by an increasingly larger audience on the Internet and this is even more pressing if you have an e-commerce shop, because no visitors means no customers. And no customers means no sales...

Questions to Ask Before You Build Your Website

You've decided that you want to build a website and you're approaching the project with a great deal of enthusiasm. That's great, but there are many questions that you'll want to ask yourself before you get down to the task. The following guide should help to point you in the right direction and ensure that you have a clear vision in mind before starting on building a website...

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